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PVC Cable Ducts

As cable duct manufacturers, we offer a wide range of cable channels like basic cable channels and digital cable channels.The cables are made from excellent quality material and are highly durable and workable.

It is manufactured from specially compounded high-impact rigid polyvinyl chloride. It will not peel, chip or crack. It is non-flammable and non-brittle too. The unique cover locking design prevents popping up of wires while removing cover. The ducts are offered in various colours and slotting styles. The colours we offer are greenish grey, black, ivory, white, blue and green. It is typically used in poorly ventilated areas such as aircrafts, rail cars or ships. It is also used extensively in the railroad industry. It stands strong during short-circuit.

Snap fit cover.
Non slip cover.
Snap fit in Din sizes, restricted slots.
Wide range from (15X15 mm) up to (150X150 mm).
Standard, Thin, Oblong, Circular.
Various Colour options & Custom built profiles
Flame retardant UL VO material, RoHS & FRLS types available.

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