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From conduit PVCs to Electrical and insulated PVCs, we have it all. Browse through our versatile range of quality products and find your fitting.

At our organization, we put customer satisfaction at the top of our priorities. Our primary goal is to deliver quality services at competitive prices, and this commitment has earned us a dedicated client base throughout Tamil Nadu. Our clients have always appreciated our quest for excellence, which is reflected in their repeat orders. As we continue to expand our client base, our increasing numbers speak volumes about our commitment to providing complete customer satisfaction.

The success of our organisation is largely attributed to the efficient hands of our workforce comprising of Skilled & Unskilled laborers, Quality Control Supervisors. Our team has worked tirelessly to establish ourselves in a short time frame. Their dedication and perseverance have enabled us to deliver products that exceed the expectations of our clients.

As part of our quality objectives, we consistently make concerted efforts to improve our processes. We are committed to caring for society and ensuring total involvement of our entire workforce in quality improvement. We strictly adhere to documented quality systems and our quality motto is “Spare no expense to Achieve Excellence.”

Our quality policy is upheld by the mark of conformity bestowed on our Rigid PVC Conduits by the Bureau of Indian Standard ISI. This mark guarantees that our products meet the strict Indian standards requirements and are of the highest quality.

Our Other Products

PVC Rigid & Conduit Pipes

The PVC conduit pipes are a highly versatile and efficient solution for electrical installations and fire alarm systems. These pipes are known for their lightweight nature and easy installation, which leads to significant cost savings due to reduced labour costs.

Electrical PVC Conduit Pipe

Our company specialises in the production of a wide range of PVC Conduit Pipes of exceptional quality. At our company, our skilled team of professionals employs cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art machinery to produce these superior products that meet the rigorous standards set forth by the Bureau of Indian standards. Our pipes boast a myriad of benefits, including remarkable durability, minimal upkeep requirements, and cost-effectiveness, among other features that make them the clear choice for your needs.

PVC Pipe Aeroplast

Aeroplast is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality PVC pipes, including PVC Rigid & Conduit Pipes, Rigid PVC Pipes, and Electrical PVC Pipes. One of the major benefits of these pipes is their light weight, which makes them easy to install without requiring extensive labour when compared to the Metal Conduits. This results in significant cost savings for consumers.

Electrical pipe

Our company specialises in manufacturing high-quality electrical pipes that are designed to cater to a diverse range of requirements. In addition to our top-of-the-line PVC Rigid and Conduit Pipes, we also offer Rigid PVC Pipes and Electrical PVC Pipes that boast a multitude of benefits. Our products are incredibly lightweight and can be installed with ease, saving both time and labour costs.

PVC Casing N Capping Aeroplast

Aeroplast pipes has a team of skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced professionals who are committed to providing a diverse range of PVC Casing-n-Capping products. These products come with a plethora of detailed features such as  nontoxic attributes, easy and fast installation, fire resistance, and optimum strength. We have proven ourselves to be one of the top manufacturers of PVC Casing n Capping by using modern and high-end techniques that align with the latest trends and customer requirements.

PVC cable ducts

Our company specialises in the manufacturing of cable ducts that cater to a diverse range of cable channels such as basic cable channels and digital cable channels. Our cable ducts are fabricated using superior quality materials which ensures their durability and reliability. The manufacturing process involves the use of specially compounded high-impact rigid polyvinyl chloride which prevents the ducts from peeling, chipping, cracking, or becoming brittle. Moreover, it is non-flammable, making it ideal for poorly ventilated areas such as aircraft, rail cars, and ships.